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A Secret No More

Your performances bring chuckles and misty eyes to your audience. You are making an impact on the lives of those in your community. You are helping youth gain skills and confidence to form a positive path. You are the "best kept secret."

But why stay a secret?

Angel Public Relations/Marketing is focused on "Sharing the Creative Spark" of performing arts organizations throughout Southern California with the audiences they want to reach.

We specialize in community outreach, social media marketing, and "buzz marketing" (a contagious enthusiasm for your work that spreads to others in the same way a spark creates a wildfire).

Take a look and see how to be "A Secret No More."


Los Angeles Premiere of the Tony Award-Winning musical, In the Height s with Creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda . L.A. Mayor's House Reception.


On a press tour of East Los Angeles with Louie Perez of Los Lobos promoting his theatre project, Evangeline, The Queen of Make-Believe.


With actor/comedian John Leguizamo at a Q&A for his one-man Broadway Production, Ghetto Klown.

Angelita Moraga


Angel and Marketing

"Sharing the Spark"


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